ahoy! From a mountain

I fell into writing childrens books, now they just keep plopping out into sketch books. These are the next 3 peaks that I am aiming to climb.

  • TearsThis one is a long-term burner and was actually the first one written – although it will be the second one in production. I wrote the bones of it when i moved from Edinburgh down to Cornwall. I missed my friends and making art and the culture terribly much and this was how i processed my grief. It comes from my heart and is a lot about the pictures. It has a happy ending.
  • Bored

    This will be book three and has already been super-fun to work on. I found this quote…

    You can't do it unless you imagine it

    by George Lucas. Nuff said.

  • The title is too cool as it's my little beast's names... and it's good to be a little bit mysterious

    Book four! I am also working on a host of special little characters that are very tricksie, a bit naughty, quite adorable and a world-wide epidemic. Currently too secret to show you!