ahoy! From a mountain

I fell into writing childrens books, now they keep plopping out into sketch books. They're about deep things, true things, random things and funny things that just make me laugh. These are the next 3 peaks that I am aiming to climb.

  • Tears This one is a long-term burner and was actually the first one written – although I hope it will be the second one in production. I wrote the bones of it when I moved from Edinburgh down to Cornwall. I missed my friends and making art and the culture terribly much and this was how I processed my grief. It comes from my heart and is a lot about the pictures. It has a happy ending.
    It's alright to cry.
  • Bored You can't do it unless you imagine it

    This one is a bit bonkers, but it has a deep meaning. In our social media, quick fix, super fast download culture, Bored is about the process of being bored and re-engaging with your heart. I found this quote by George Lucas. Nuff said.

  • Cross

    This book I just love. It has made me laugh so much, mostly because I love drawing this little character. It is about how to process crazy anger. Written to help little ones deal with strong emotions.