Since early 2016, I have been working with Primary Schools, in Libraries & Public Spaces delivering workshops based on the book and teaching children about the power of their words.


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One of our deepest needs is relationship. We know that when we feel valued, supported or loved the world is a safer place. When we feel rejected, alone, judged or unloved it gets scary.

The classroom, sadly, can be a really difficult place for many of our children, simply because some of their peers haven’t yet learnt how to be kind or that their behaviour affects others.





I believe that the school classroom is a community and every community has a culture. Cultures can be taught and caught, and my hope is to be a part of shaping environments that help children be happier in school and at home.


The workshops are designed to teach the importance of valuing, celebrating, and drawing out the best from each other. They aim to help children have healthy values and beliefs about themselves and one another.



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The real goal is to involve the children in creating their own, safe, relational classroom culture, where they feel happy and safe to learn. One group of 9–10 year olds came up with these classroom beliefs…






The workshops use affirmations from teachers and peers, helping to develop healthy neural pathways. Our beliefs determine our behaviour, and bad behaviour doesn’t mean a bad person – it just means that bad choices are being made. We have the power to choose the way we think about any given circumstance and our beliefs shape how we behave.

My hope is to empower the children to make good choices that will result in good relationships, so each child becomes a valued and responsible part of the classroom community. To create social change, we have to give the children a reason to want to change.


Along with possibly every teacher on the planet, I have such a deep desire for each child to thrive in their classrooms and feel valued for their uniqueness.



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More recently, I have been working closely with Bridge Multi-Academy Trust and together we are writing a national resource based on the principals and values of the workshops.

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