"Is this this year's best book? YES!" Hurley Books, Mevagissey


"I really love the book.It's a hit." Nikki Salkeld MA RCA


"This beautiful book enables children to reflect on the impact of their words on the hearts of others, whilst also having the power to help children identify negative self beliefs they have developed based on the words of other people. This is a book that all children and adults should read on a regular basis as a reminder of the beauty and influence of words of love!" Dr Alison, Stephens, Clinical Psychologist


"It is beautiful! Lovely paper, font, drawings and the whole thing feels just right. I showed it to my students. They loved it" Steve Braund



  • "My nieces LOVE it as does their Mother. Its a very special book with a very special message. Great one to have on the book help in Nursery schools (I used to teach) and also at home during sibling rivalry! I love it". Amanda Cassar
  • "I love the book. It's truly beautiful and effective." Jo Enright
  • "Thanks so much for the book which I think is terrific and I'm showing it to all the people I can! Everyone loves it." Stan Vigurs
  • "Beautiful pictures and wonderful book. Your character is so delightful and I love the impact the book has on you when reading it." Maureen Wood
  • "An amazing resource that will feed into the hearts of my kids AMAZING!!!" Jenny Cockerel
  • "This book has made such a difference to the way my children speak to each other. They now consider how their words may affect other people. This book needs to be sent out far and wide. Brilliant!" Kat Pierce
  • "A beautiful book that tells a strong story than spans all generations…" Donna Jones
  • "it is possibly the most beautiful present i have ever received" Lisa Walker
  • "VERY impressed!!" Christine Dunster
  • "Thank you so much for witting this beautiful story, the illustrations are gorgeous and the words are perfect for teaching children about how words can affect a person. My school received a copy of the book and it has been used in PSHE lessons. The children, aged from 5 years upwards, who have had the story shared with them, came to me and thanked me for it. Amazing story! Should be read by or to all children." Wendy Foxwell
  • "Beautiful book, and wonderful illustrations. Explains so beautifully to children about how the words they use impact themselves and others, a great anti-bullying resource and a fab message for children of all ages." Emma Fowle
  • "A beautiful, well written, illustrative book for children(and indeed Adults!) about the power of the words they use. Describing wonderfully the hurt it can produce. This would be a marvellous resource for schools and anyone involved with children and educating them about bullying." Mrs D Blake
  • "The pictures are wonderful, the words are beautiful, this is a marvellous book. It could be helpful in families or schools and I have been glad to give it away as well as pleased to have my own copy." Margaret
  • "This should be on every child's bookshelf and in every school library. A beautiful book about the power of words. Has a simple anti-bullying message. Stunningly illustrated. This will become a classic. Can't recommend it highly enough." Mrs C
  • "This is the most beautiful book - the message is simple, but profound, and the illustrations just a delight. 6yo daughter read it to me and then said "Can this book live in MY room?". HRLB
  • "What a BRILLIANT book!! Such a fun, clear and creative way for kids to understand how words actually affect our hearts! Thank you Kate Jane Neal!" Mrs R LOCK
  • "A story that touches your soul, whether you're young or old. My 11 year old son, really enjoyed reading it and so did I! Stunning illustrations." AV