After trying to find a publisher for over 18 months, receiving lovely letters of encouragement from several companies, even to the point of looking like it was going to be taken on, nothing happened. It was then either ‘shut the book and move on to ceramics again’, or print a limited edition small run. I had worked so hard, and had so many lovely comments, I just thought I had to try. My friend suggested trying a Kickstarter, so I produced this video and had a go. I was so overwhelmed and humbled by beautiful people investing in me, hit the target (three-times over) and the book became a reality. Massive thanks (again) to those who made this wee dream a reality.
  • This was the first bit of the print run – one of the best bits of this process is being able to see the process from start to finish. These are the first pages being printed. It was such an excting day. I went in to see the next part of the print run, and was handed a warm book. I didn’t realise that the saying ‘hot off the press’ was literal. It was November 5th, and my insides were exploding. It was so cool that all over the nation people were setting off fireworks. It felt like such a celebration, just a private one inside me, but so good.
  • Here are two double-page spreads. I choose a beautiful paper supppied by GF Smith (they have such lush papers, even their sample pack you want to keep and love forever). It’s such a minimal book that the materials were really important to me. This book is a limited edition. The next version will have some minor changes, and hopefully be a larger run.

    heart book sample heart book sample