My books are really a bit of decorative processing, that I hope others will enjoy.


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I grew up in a little town in Wiltshire, UK. I moved to Cornwall when I was 19, and met my best friend (and creative guru) Andy. We moved to Edinburgh, where we both did degrees, I won the Wedgewood New Designer of the Year award and then was awarded a scholarship to do a further Postgraduate year. We got married, had a baby, and then moved back to Cornwall to grow more babies (we now have 4 children).


Recently, instead of baking cakes, making dens, fancy-dress catwalks and garden soup with the children, I have taken to writing books. My first book was written in response to verbal bullying (originally in 2006) but it has taken me 8 years to refine and illustrate it (in and around 4 kids, 4 house moves, totally gutting and rebuilding an old cottage, so I am now niffty with a power tool and have learnt how to plaster and go into builders merchants without being intimidated). I am now working on illustrating the next three books, and I’m really enjoying the process of drawing & creating something new that lasts a little longer than a home-made biscuit! The process has made me realise that all the ‘little moments’ we encounter in our lives can be treasured, and my aim is to invest my time in creating books that make more of those moments.


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