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I grew up in a small town in Wiltshire, UK and moved to Cornwall when I was 19 where I met my best friend Andy. We then moved to Edinburgh, where we both did degrees, I won the Wedgwood New Designer of the Year Award and was awarded a scholarship to do a further Postgraduate year. I exhibited in a number of galleries in London & Scotland and was taken to SOFA in Chicago by the Scottish Gallery. I loved making sculptures and paintings. Andy & I got married, started a family, and moved back to Cornwall in early 2000 where we built our home, and now have four children.


Things got busy with a growing family, and making art can be costly and time consuming. My making got smaller and smaller until I was just doing one-off commission pieces, and that’s where the book-making started. Sketchbooks are much more immediate compared to oil paints or porcelain.


I’ve always LOVED writing and making drawings. It is one of my favorite things to do, and I’ll often process the day-to-day through my scribbling. My first book ‘Words and your heart’ (originally penned in 2006) was written in response to a spate of verbal bullying my kids encountered at school. It has been a real journey to refine and illustrate it – in and around the kids, four house moves, and then totally gutting and rebuilding an old cottage. I was in conversation with a number of big publishing houses, but the elusive contract was always just out of reach. My family and friends encouraged me to try it on my own, and I ended up running a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed me to print my first book and set-up a small publishing company to make it available nationally.


I will always be so grateful to those who invested in me in the early days to help me make it all happen. The self-published ‘Words…’ sold out of the initial print run, and has opened up doors to my being formally represented by the most amazing agency – and the book subsequently being republished internationally by two fantastic publishers who really understand the spirit of the story.


I am now working on the next three books, and I can’t tell you how much I am loving it. The process of drawing and creating something new that others might enjoy is just the best!


When I’m not making stuff, I love messing about in the sea with my kids, jumping off high rocks into deep water, swimming and surfing – although sadly, despite living in Cornwall I can’t surf for toffee (but love trying). I’ll spend time walking the cliffs, eating with friends, going to watch theatre and watching people singing songs. I like singing too – a lot – especially in the car. Thinking about it, there are a lot of things I like – too many to capture here, but I like the little things, like a smile, or a hug, or the morning light, or bugs, and the sky. Life is magical...


At the moment I sometimes feel like I’m living in a dream. I can’t quite believe that my first story is formally published and that you can actually buy it in a bookstore or supermarket. I still feel like a complete novice and am in total admiration of so many illustrators and writers. It’s like I’ve snuck in through the back door to a big party, and I’m still working out if I have the right frock on!


We encounter so many moments in our lives that should be treasured, and my aim is to invest my time in creating books that capture and celebrate more of these moments for us to share.


Thanks so much for visiting my website and for your interest.



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